Lead Reclamation


Monometer can provide a variety of furnaces for lead reclamation including Rotary Furnaces, Short body Rotary Furnaces and Refining Kettle Furnaces

Battery scrap consists of the pure metallic content of pure lead and antimonial lead from the battery plate grids, connectors and terminals. Also contained in the batteries is the past obtained from the electrolytic action during the life of the battery. This past consists of lead oxides, (PbO and PbO2) and Lead Sulphate (PbSO4). Extra to this, the scrap contains the non-metallic content such as the plate separators, battery cases, and various other materials arising from the battery manufacture. Metal reclaiming cycles can very according to weather pure lead or antimonial lead is to be produced. If is desired to obtain a maximim of pure lead from the process, then it is advisable to separate the metals and the past and process these two materials separately. 

With the Rotary Furnace, either double or single metal reclaiming can be used. With the double metal reclaiming process the metallic antimonial lead and pure lead is smelted initially and the subsequent recovery of the paste lead oxides and sulphates carries out by reduction. This separation by smelting takes advantage of the fact that lead melts at approximately 325 degrees Celsius whilst Lead sulphate and lead oxide need much higher temperatures to dissociate and be reduced to metal. In the single melt process, both the metallics and the sulphates and oxides are reclaimed in the one melt and for the production of antimonial lead for battery plates this would be the most widely used method.