Short Body Rotary Furnaces for Lead

for Lead Recovery and Ingot Production


Monometer Short Body Rotary (SBR) furnaces are designed with a deep bath; where the length is almost equal to the diameter. The furnace is ideal for the recovery of lead from all forms of lead scrap and lead residues and particularly Battery plates.

The SBR enable quick and economical reduction of the oxides and

sulphides present in lead producing an antimonial lead which may be then further refined in Monometer Kettle / Pot furnaces. Unlike

standard Monometer rotary furnaces, these Short Body rotary furnaces exhaust the products of combustion immediately above the burner system, all at one end of the furnace. This method of removing the off-gas enables the furnace to be charged at the opposite end of the furnace through a large charge door, under negative pressure produced by the suction from the fume filtration plant. This is particularly important with such toxic metals as lead.  The charging door enables the furnace to be mechanically charged rapidly with a wide variety of materials – even while the furnace is firing. The variable speed of rotation provided by the Drive System, enables the speed of rotation of the furnace to be adjusted to suit the refining process and obtain the maximum metal recovery.  A variety of burner systems can be fitted to utilise any grade of liquid or gaseous fuel, as well as the application of Oxyfuel burner systems.

Short Body Rotary furnaces 8 - 22 tonne

A Monometer Short Body Rotary furnace is particularly interesting in that the utilisation of a very large diameter short body ensures maximum metal recovery. Other features include exhausting of the product of combustion (Off Gas) immediately above the burner and provision of a variable speed of furnace shell rotation. The method of firing and exhausting the furnace ensures a true reverberatory action of the flame and enables the furnace to be charged whilst retaining suction from the fume filtration plant. 

The large charging door enables the furnace to be mechanically charged rapidly with a wide variety of materials even whilst the furnace is firing. This furnace, due to the reverse action of the products of combustion is particularly suitable for the installation of the fume treatment plant so essential in handling the toxic fumes associated with the lead reclamation industry.