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100 Years Designing and Manufacturing Metal Melting & Heat Treatment Furnaces

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MONOMETER provide:

  1. Furnace specification and quotation

  2. Professional Consultation Service tailored to meet individual needs

  3. Installation service

  4. Commissioning / Servicing

  5. Combustion Systems Up-Grade

  6. A Wide range of Spares

  7. On site problem solving, consultation and diagnostics for process control and efficiency.

Monometer provide a world class centre of excellence for furnace equipment - particularly Rotary furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries and Hydraulic tilting reverberatory furnaces for aluminium bulk melting and alloying. We offer a full range of Crucible and chamber Heat treatment furnaces.


Monometer produces equipment to exceed customer expectations and provides Furnace Designs that take account environmental considerations.


Phone: +44 (0) 1702 472201

Chairman & CEO        David Hall    davidhall@monometer.co.uk

Technical Director      Christopher Hall    c.hall@monometer.com

Spares Requirements  Gary Kenney    garykenney@monometer.co.uk

New Zealand    Jonassen Industrial Projects Ltd   Web Address   www.jipl.co.nz

Spain                Hingassa web address  www.hingassa.com

Malaysia          Master Jaya Environmental Sdn Bhd info@masterjaya.com.my

Useful links

Ionitech    Our partner company for plasma nitriding furnaces   www.ionitech.com

Hedinair    Our partner company for ovens (temperatures less than 750 C) www.hedinair.co.uk

Institute of Cast Metals Engineers    www.icme.org.uk

Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre    Further heat treatment advice for your processes


Modern Media Publications johnclarke@mmcpublications.co.uk

MONOMETER Designing and manufacturing metal melting & heat treatment furnaces since 1913.

Rotary Furnaces; rotary furnaces for aluminium alloy melting; rotary furnaces for Brass, copper gunmetal and bronze; rotary furnaces for iron; rotary furnaces for tin dross; short body rotary furnaces for lead; lead refining kettle (pot) furnaces; rotary super heating reveivers; reverberatory melting furnaces for aluminium recycling; electric resistance heated furnaces; pusher and mesh belt conveyor furnaces; heat treatment chamber furnaces; crucible melting furnaces for aluminium alloys; furnace conversions to reduce climate change levy; furnace ancillary equipment; MPD powder dispenser and and recarburizer; plazma nitriding; lead reclamation; aluminium reclamation; aluminium reclamation; bronze reclamation; copper reclamation; melting, iron melting, heat treatment.