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Monometer Melting and Refining Rotary Furnaces

A new Monometer copper melting rotary furnace is scheduled to be installed in Africa this Autumn. Facilities at the plant will equip the installation to meet European standards for emissions abatement, and the furnace technology will enable the client to cast specification ingot from all grades of scrap while melting with low-cost reclaimed oil.

The furnace will be one from the Monometer range of economical units with capacity between 1 and 2 tonnes designed for thermal and metallurgical efficiency where smaller batch production is preferred.

Monometer equipment in the UK continues to provide foundries with the competitive versatility to produce a range of specification product from all grades of scrap material. For example, the popular Monometer 5 to 7 tonne capacity rotary furnace cycles in around 3 hours 30 minutes with a lining life in the region of 220 heats. Alloys commonly produced range fro


LG1, LG2 through to the higher grades CT1 and the phosphor bronzes. Further products and high purity copper is obtainable from the furnace’s Monometer refining technology.

For refining, the furnace is equipped with programmable gas diffusion refining technology, and variable chemistry main burner. The variable flame chemistry is designed also to protect the molten bath from oxidation, so to allow effective protection with minimal slag volume production and in the absence of any slag covering.

Image: Specification copper ingot production from Monometer Rotary Furnace

Various rotary melting processes have incorporated Monometer refining equipment, including iron, copper and lead, performing significantly above traditional methods in terms of increased yield, thermal efficiency and furnace productivity.

For example, in copper refining from Birch-Cliff to high purity copper, a 6-tonne capacity Monometer tilting rotary furnace will typically cycle in 4 - 6 hours; 3 tonnes of scrap iron may be melted, alloyed and tapped in under 120 minutes, and 10 tonnes lead battery scrap may be processed through the furnace in under 5 hours. Monometer designs and supply includes the furnace charging system, gas diffusion technology for the refining process, slag systems, oxy-fuel burner system, and exhaust filter complete with settler, as well as the fluxing agents injector, and consumable spare parts.

Monometer offers comprehensive onsite support, ranging from turnkey management or installation support, to short training packages targeting metallurgical training or general furnace performance. All Monometer clients benefit from being kept up to date with the latest equipment software updates and full engineering on site support.

For more information on this or Monometer products please contact Dr Christopher Hall PhD, FICME, Monometer Holdings Ltd, Monometer House, Rectory Grove, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 2HN Tel +44 (0)1702 472201 Fax +44 (0)1702 715112

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