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Monometer has developed a sophisticated range of Rotary furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous melting.  The furnace shell which rotates during the melting process is provided with a burner system at one end and exhaust of the products of combustion at the other. Complete furnace rotation means that the refractories are at one moment the furnace roof and then underneath the bath of molten metal.  This leads to very efficient heat transfer from the combustion flame and refractory bricks, to the molten metal leading to fast melting times. Over-heating of the furnace roof is eliminated as the heat is taken away when the refractories pass underneath the molten metal.


Monometer incorporates the latest technology and has introduced hydraulic tilting and sophisticated electronic and micro-processing devices which sequences the speed of furnace rotation during melting, and varies the Oxyfuel firing rates according to process requirement. It is the modern tool for melting economically and reliably in a pollution-free environment. The efficient thermal transfer of heat as the furnace rotates, together with efficient recovery of heat from the waste gases or Oxyfuel burner system, lead to fast melting rates and high metal temperatures if required in excess of 1550 deg C.  


Monometer Rotary furnaces are equally efficient as a Duplexing furnace for super-heating and Holding metal for prolonged periods operating alongside cupolas or induction furnaces.

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