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Monometer offer a very comprehensive range of electric resistance heated crucible furnaces and heat treatment equipment. These incorporate the latest available technology to achieve the utmost efficiency for the wide range of processes involving metal melting and heat treatment procedures. Monometer have always been in the forefront in providing furnaces designed especially to suit clients process developments. This has helped to maintain the leading position Monometer holds amongst furnace manufacture throughout the world for both electric resistance heated and fuel fired furnaces. Companies who buy from Monometer in the 21st Century know that the equipment is being supplied by a manufacturer celebrating 100years of furnace development in 2013. We provide good after sales service and spares availability for any Monometer furnace of any age, backed by an international agency network. 
The range of heat treatment furnaces available include general duty box furnaces, heavy duty box furnaces, horizontal and vertical forced air circulation furnaces, mesh belt conveyor furnaces, pusher furnaces, shaker half and rotary half furnaces. Monometer's designs are of robust construction and maximise the use of low thermal mass high grade insulation which ensures minimum energy consumption. 
Many of the furnaces are available with protective or process gas atmospheres to suit the process requirements.

Electric Resistance Wire & Rod Heated Crucible Melting Furnaces

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