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The Monometer flux injector is a portable self-contained unit which injects solid metallurgical particles into the bath of molten metal. This system allows re-carburisation of iron to high carbon equivalents. De-sulphurisation and re-carburisation can be carried out simultaneously. Iron oxides may be injected into steel making furnaces, and the dispenser is suitable for many non-ferrous applications. Also good for zinc poder reclamation captured from bag filters.


General Description

The purpose of the dispenser is to entrain powder in a stream of gas at a pressure above atmospheric so that the gas/powder stream may then be injected into a process via a lance and against a back-pressure (for example, into a bath of molten metal).


The graphite, sulphur or other powder is placed in the container via the filling hopper and quick-acting valve, which, when shut, seals the internal gas pressure.


To charge the dispenser, the top cover is first removed and material poured into the receiving hopper is received into the steel pressure vessel. The lid is then closed and the operator opens the gas valve. The carrier gas then passes the bottom of the vessel picking up material for injection with the gas into the process via a lance. A gas pressure regulator mounted on the carriage of the dispenser controls the operating gas pressure, and the gas flow rate is controlled by valve A.


When the valve B is open, gas leaving via the tub T will carry powder to the point of exit. Gas may also leave the container through the filter F and the valve C (if open). This serves a double purpose – a) to dilute the powder gas stream and b) give extra gas alone when the valve B is closed.

The dispenser is easily moved on its 3 wheels and may be secured by means of a foot-operated wheel lock.


Full information here or download the brochure for free from our Downloads page

Monometer Flux Injector

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