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Monometer Rotary Charger system suitable for 2 tonne capacity rotary furnace.


£21,750 supply only. Includes three detachable scoops

Two replacement scoops, supply only £1,950


The charger is designed to create minimal noise and dust, and is particularly suitable for large bales, unbaled wire, foils, dusts and other materials that do not transport so well with the vibratory design.


The volume charge throughput tends to be about the same as for the vibratory charger when operating with a suitable number of pre-loaded detachable troughs. However, the rotating trough is a little slower where low-density material is loaded into the trough and the number of trough loads required to fill the furnace is subsequently increased.


NOTE: Troughs (detachable scoops) must be loaded on the foundry floor -- the charger risks being damaged if heavy items of scrap are loaded into a scoop when the scoop is in position supported on the charger



Monometer Rotary Charger

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