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Monometer Industrial Burners- oil fired. PRICES FROM £6,000


Monometer low air pressure burners of the M series have been designed with maximum attention for ease of operation combined with high combustion efficiency. They are a simple oil burning unit without any complicated moving parts or valves which may be susceptible to wear or clogging from particles of dirt which may reach the burner. The burners are capable of giving trouble free service over prolonged periods of operation.


Advanced features of design in this simple burner include:


1. Efficient atomisation of the fuel oil, including the heavy grades into a fine spray by means of a number of carefully designed jets in the head of the atomising tube. A portion of the low air pressure supply is bypassed internally for atomisation of the oil and the air pressure is adjusted to give the most efficient turn-down ratio possible with LAP oil burners.


2. Precise fuel control is made possible with this burner through a micro-metering valve. The graduated dial permits any preslected setting to be re-attained on any future occasion after a shutdown period.


3. A robust and simple to operate adjustable valve provides a variable air swirl at the nozzle to produce a variable flame shape to suit a range of firing conditions. 


4. The detachable nozzle may be supplied in three different sizes according to the application and capacity required. 

M series burner - oil

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