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for Iron foundries


Monometer proved furnaces with efficient thermal transfer of heat as the furnace rotates, together with efficient recovery of heat from the waste gases, or Oxyfuel Burner systems lead to Fast melting rates and High metal temperature if required in excess of 1550 deg C which is so important for the production of SG and other high duty alloys. Capacities from 500-kg to 20-Tonnes.






Rotary Furnace Charging Systems:


Monometer Rotary Furnaces may be charged in the horizontal position by means of a rotary scoop attached to a fork lift truck. For larger furnaces a horizontal Vibratory Charger is usually provided. In the case of hydraulic tilting furnaces, the body is inclined to an angle of 45 deg, and the charge is emptied from an electric Hoist Bucket into a hopper unit.


Hot Metal Forehearth Receivers for the Iron Foundry:

For holding molten Iron at high temperatures. These heated receivers work in conjunction with cupolas ensuring hot metal is available to the foundry at all times. In many cases, mechanised foundry output increases by approximately 25% - 30% with very low throughput costs.

Rotary furnace for iron

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