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MONOMETER ROTARY FURNACE for Lead (500kg to 7 tonnes capacity)


Monometer Short Body Rotaries are extensively used for the reclamation and refining of Scrap Lead. The very deep bath provided in this design of furnace has proved to be the most successful for large scale lead refining. Sizes up to 4.5m x 4.5m.


Rotary furnaces for lead reclamation are the Monometer Short Body Rotary furnace, for capacities normally greater than 8 - 10 tonnes, up to 22 tonnes charging capacity.  The Monometer standard Long Body rotary furnace is ideal for requirements between 1 - 7 tonne charge materials (see below).


Long Body Rotary furnaces 500kg to 7 Tonnes

Monometer Rotary Furnaces are widely used for the recovery of lead from Battery Scrap, which consists of pure metallic lead, and antimonial lead from the battery plate grids, connectors and terminals.  Also contained in the batteries is the paste, obtained from the electrolytic action during the life of the battery.  Up to 98% lead may be recovered from the metallic charged into the furnace.


Metal reclaiming cycles can vary according to whether pure lead or antimonial lead is to be produced.  If it is desired to obtain a maximum of pure lead from the process, then it is advisable to separate the metals and the paste and process these two materials separately.  Double or Single melt reclaiming can be used.  In the single melt process both the metallics and the sulphates and the oxides are reclaimed in the one melt, and for the production of antimonial lead for battery plates this is the most widely used method.

Rotary furnace for lead

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