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Monometer Temperature Monitoring Equipment - Dip Pyrometer for Molten Metal


Rugged battery powered digital pyrometer used in the temperature measurement of molten metal. The digital portable pyrometer (DPP) is a durable foundry pyrometer with a 4-digit green or red LED display. It is supplied complete with a 1.2 metre stainless steel dip arm, angled at 45° as standard; other lengths are available upon request. This arm houses your choice of thermocouple connection which is wired back to the digital instrument. The unit is ranged to use type K, N, B, R or S thermocouples in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. DPP ‘K’ is for the temperature measurement of non-ferrous molten metal only and is available for use with expendable KWIK-TIP thermocouples or more durable swaged thermocouple elements with dip arm to suit. DPP ‘B’, ‘R’ and ‘S’ can be used for temperature measurement of both ferrous and non-ferrous molten metal. They are supplied for use with multi-use expendable thermocouples; the dip arm comes fitted with an expendable thermocouple connector



  • Traffic light display keeps the operator informed throughout the measurement process
  • Re-chargeable battery pack
  • Large illuminated display for easy reading
  • Low temperature version available (ranged from -22°C)
  • Robust aluminium casting designed for the demanding foundry environment
  • Calibrated to 1100C



  • For use in foundry applications
  • Smelting (Re-cycling)
  • Casting

Temperature Monitoring Equipment - Digital Portable Pyrometer (DPP)

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