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A new generation of Monometer rotary furnaces is being developed by Monometer for Aluminium melting, Aluminium scrap recycling, Copper Bronze and Brass melting. The capacities of the furnaces range from 2 to 20 tonnes.

Over the last 20 years or so, there has been an expansion of rotary furnace use and understanding – particularly in Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Indian, SE Asia including Thailand and Malaysia.

In addition to growing competition UK foundries resources are further focused on meeting targets for emissions and energy efficiency through legislation, government initiatives and the ever-increasing cost of fuel.

The latest Monometer rotary melting and holding furnaces incorporate a larger charge hole (up to 1.2 metres) than previously possible with standard rotary furnace design. The furnaces have a shorter deeper bath, which provides optimum bath ratio of molten state surface area to bath depth. A Monometer flu-bypass damper system is now built in to assist with the optimisation of hot gas dwell time in the furnace, which increases heat transfer efficiency to the molten metal.

The Monometer multi speed programmable drive system enables RPM adjustment to achieve good thermal transfer to the charge, minimal losses, and finely adjustable mechanical agitation according to process requirements.

Combustion furnace users concerned with emissions limits for NOx and CO, could benefit from introducing oxygen enrichment to their burner system. Gaseous emissions and fuel consumption can be reduced by about 26%. Full oxy/fuel firing reduces the flue volume by 72% with a fuel saving of approximately 50%.

Typical oxy/fuel burner systems incorporate PC controlled variable flame fuel balance, and firing rate to suit the charge state and temperatures. The system automatically detects excessive emissions caused by dirty charge and calls for increased oxygen flow from the burner to help combust particulates prior to escape into the flue. This greatly reduces emissions. When the emissions have subsided, the burner returns to an optimum firing rate and oxygen/oil flow balance. An automatic signal requires the furnace to be purged with clean air prior to ignition, which provides safety, conformity to European Standards, and guards against the possibility of any build up of fuel in the furnace prior to lighting the burner.

These recent developments enable a Monometer 18 – 20 Tonnes Aluminium Rotary furnace to achieve a tap-to-tap cycle of under 4 hours with a total energy consumption of 30 therms per tonne. A 6-tonne Copper Rotary furnace is able to achieve a tap-to-tap time of 2 hr 30 minutes with a firing rate of 100 litres/hr.

Monometer continues to design, develop and manufacture Rotary, Reverberatory and Crucible metal melting furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries and welcomes your enquiries for furnace equipment.

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