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Developments in Remote Service, Commissioning and Monitoring

Monometer has been kept busy with projects overseas as well as at home during the past year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, rising to the apparent challenges of onsite inspections and commissioning abroad with limited physical onsite presence.

As surely for many people during periods of lockdown, video conferencing and cloud platforms have offered convenience and aided communications, but these have formed only a part of Monometer's solution to the requirements of engineering projects, particularly on site commissioning.

Through Monometer's development in the application of PLC to accommodate pre-shipment testing and further provisions for remote service access following installation, including remote programming, a substantial part of commissioning has been achieved successfully by remote access and monitoring. This has been particularly successful where clients provide a LAN, allowing many areas of the furnace installation, including combustion, exhaust waste gas environmental control, and furnace rotation cycles to be monitored, adjusted and serviced remotely from any global location.

The scope of new installations fully accommodated by remote commissioning continues to broaden, as facilities Monometer has introduced and continue to develop have proven key in enabling foundries' early start up and sustained optimal productivity.

Alongside developments to enable overseas commissioning programmes to proceed conveniently and at reduced cost, Monometer has applied a similar approach to local environmental control. For example, in collaboration with Cavendish Filters, particulate monitors for furnace filtration plant are now installed to include wireless network interface to allow recording and access to live streamed stack data. This has proven particularly helpful as an immediate ready reference for reassuring foundry clients of a foundry's environmental compliance to current European legislation.

Similarly, PLC equipment in monitoring and control with remote servicing capability has been central to Monometer's development of a range of new process applications involving contaminated charge material. For example, through the continuous monitoring of post-combustion quenching treatment for furans and dioxins, Monometer now offers post-combustion solutions for environmentally compliant copper and tin reclamation including up to 20% plastics in the charge.

Monometer specialises in rotary furnaces for general melting as well as tailored processes in copper refining, copper alloys, iron, lead and tin, including drosses and contaminated materials, and welcomes all enquiries.

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