Ancillary Equipment


  1. The Monocarb Powder Dispenser is a portable self-contained unit which injects solid metallurgical particles into the bath of molten metal. This system allows re-carburisation of iron to high carbon equivalents. De-sulphurisation and re-carburisation can be carried out simultaneously. Iron oxides may be injected into steel making furnaces, and the dispenser is suitable for many non-ferrous applications. 

  1. Monometer Low Air Pressure Burners are a simple Oil burner without complicated moving parts or valves. They provide efficient of fuel oil. Particularly suitable for cement kilns, reverberatory furnaces, crucible melting and small rotary non-ferrous furnaces. Follow this link for more details and prices.

  1. Monometer Hydraulic Transfer Ladles are ideal for transferring molten aluminium received from bulk melting furnaces into the casting shop or holding furnace. The pouring of the bogie-mounted unit is hydraulically operated to provide a controlled and accurate pouring mechanism.

In addition to the above products, Monometer are able to provide the following ancillary equipment. Please contact us for further details.  

Monometer Burner Ancillary equipment

Monometer Burners (readily available)
Furnace Charging Equipment
Dump Moulds 
Spectral Analysers
Temperature Monitoring Equipment

Monometer Burner Ancillary equipment

Monometer Burner Ancillary equipment